[OpenLayers-Dev] Introducing OpenLayers LGPL RAP-Widget & usage in POLYMAP3 - a LGPL SDI platform

ligi ligi at polymap.de
Tue Dec 22 12:59:08 EST 2009

# Introduction

We ( http://polymap.org ) want to use this Mailinglist to introduce our
OpenLayers RAP-Widget. You can find the source and 2 examples here:
(If you prefer git - the source is also on github. )
There is also a page for this widget in our wiki: 
We do this because we believe in Open-Source and want to give something
back to the community.
OpenLayers is a great piece of Software and fits with very nicely in our
project - if you are interested in the bigger picture please read on:

# What is POLYMAP3?

POLYMAP3 aims to provide a multi-user SDI platform. Supporting the
power user with an ad-hoc data workbench, the admin user with
configuration workbench and the end users with a simple to use web
client and OGC services.The UI entirely runs inside the web browser.

POLYMAP3 is developed under an open source license (LGPL). POLYMAP3 is
a based on Eclipse/RAP, OpenLayers, GeoTools, uDig and a lot of other
great open source software components. Note that this is a very early
stage. We are doing this to get early feedback and prevent teams to
work on the same stuff in parallel. A lot of things are not working or
are just missing. Currently it is a prove-of-concept for a server side
uDig with OpenLayers as map component.

There is a screencast: http://vimeo.com/8119782.

# I want to know more

  * http://polymap.org
  * http://www.polymap.org/joomla/index.php/en/wiki

# I want to contribute

Lets discuss ideas in the polymap forum.
If you want to check out the code there is an SVN repo at

best Regards,
Dipl. Inf. (BA) Marcus -Ligi- Büschleb

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