[OpenLayers-Dev] Probable draw issue

Ringdahl Niklas Niklas.Ringdahl at sweco.se
Tue Dec 29 08:28:52 EST 2009

I am also experiencing an issue that sounds like yours. I am using a UI framework (JSF) that opens the map in a floating div (imitating a window), and when the underlying page is scrolled, the zoom box appears below the mouse pointer. I realized recently that the distance is equal to the amount of scrolled pixels, as if the map object believes that is being scrolled down with the page.

The problem can be caused by the mixing of javascript and css libraries, of course, but if anyone has a neat little trick to solve this, that would be highly appreciated.

- Niklas

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Ämne: [OpenLayers-Dev] Probable draw issue

I've experienced a problem when the Map is inside a div whoose css style have a "overflow-y:auto" property.

<div style="height:600px;overflow-y:auto;">
            <div id="map"></div>

If I scrooll down the div with the overflow, the bbox (and the draw controls too) appears to be shifted down of the number of pixel of the scrollbar.
Does anyone experienced something like this?
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