[OpenLayers-Dev] ZoomBox and overview conflicts

Hallgren, Johan johan.hallgren at logica.com
Thu Jan 8 02:06:07 EST 2009


I have used a ZoomBox tool and when I drag the rectangle so it overlaps the overview area (down to the right on the map) and endclicks the rectangle (I released the mousebutton when the rectangle was on the overview map), strange things happens. The rectangle was resized even if I didn't press the mousebutton.  When I started a new correct rectangle, the map zoomed to the new location but the zoomrectangle stayed on the map and there is no way to remove the rectangle without a complete refresh of the browser.

I should prefer if the zoomsession was ended when the rectangle leaves the map (when if goes over the overview map).

Is this something that anyone have seen before? Should I take a deeper look at the code and try to do a change?


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