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Robert Sanson SansonR at asurequality.com
Sun Jan 11 20:36:14 EST 2009

I was using POST for a lot of my communications between OL and a ColdFusion server, but discovered that POST requests seemed to hit a limit on the length of the URL, whereas the GET was more tolerant. Here is an example that failed with a POST, but succeeded with a GET:
var mgatexy = "http://web-cf8dev.agriquality.co.nz/agribasemapdata/indexpage.cfm?mode=maingate&farmid=" + farmid + "&easting=" + easting + "&northing=" + northing + "&lat=" + latitude + "&long=" + longitude;
                  var request = OpenLayers.Request.GET({
                        url: mgatexy,
                        callback: setHTML3
Robert Sanson

>>> <bartvde at osgis.nl> 10/01/2009 1:03 a.m. >>>
Hey Tim,

it just came to my mind since I wanted to port all of my application's WFS
requests to use Protocol.WFS. I use quite a bit of GET requests where POST
is not needed.

But you're right, why not use POST all the time.

Best regards,

> Hey-
> bartvde at osgis.nl wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> are there any plans to support HTTP GET in Protocol.WFS?
> It would be nice to have a property that let you decide if you always
> wanted GET.  The drawback, of course, is when you've got a filter that
> serializes (+ rest of url) to 2083 chars.
> We're you envisioning a property, or some logic that tried to determine
> if POST was necessary?
> Also, it's probably worth asking why it makes a difference (aside from
> being gross that we have to POST GetFeature).
> Tim
>> Best regards,
>> Bart
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