[OpenLayers-Dev] Ticket #1093

Patrick Valsecchi patrick.valsecchi at camptocamp.com
Thu Jan 29 02:32:17 EST 2009


About this ticket:

I see there are a few missunderstanding. So I'll try to answer to your last 

1) The quote patch unquote scandal

I tend to put the two liners inline because that way, I don't have to create a 
file, attach it to the ticket and you, you don't have to click on the 
attachment, click on "raw", save the file, go to your shell and apply the 

Did you know that commands comming from the UNIX world tend to expect the data 
to come from STDIN when no file is specified? That way, you can just 
type "patch -p0", press enter, cut&paste the quote patch unquote in your 
shell, press enter and finally CTRL+D.

I think it's easier that way for both of us. Don't you?

2) The lack of final patch from me

In your "10/17/07 09:40:58" comment, you said you wanted to see with the 
MapServer developers first. Since it's a pain in the ass for me to write OL 
patches, I was waiting for the result of this.

Why is it so hard for me to write a patch? In the past, all the OL patch I 
submitted where either rejected or took ages to be committed. Since I need 
the correction fast to be able to move forward in my job, I have to first 
change the buggy methods using javascript overriding. That way i can do the 
work I'm paid for. Then, I write a ticket, modify the OL code to create a 
patch. After that, i have to go through the pain to argue why I've used 
solution A instead of B, apply some unwroten coding convention to my patch (a 
missing space here and there) and, maybe, after a few patch versions and a 
couple of month of arguing, the modification appears on SVN. Then, I have to 
remove my "JS override" patch from my code.

You'll ask me why I don't use a sandbox? My answer to that is: because of some 
un-written rule in my campany.

Why do I still go through the pain to write OL tickets? First because my boss 
asks me to, then to try to help the other OL users.

Why don't I write a correct patch first? Because I'm too stupid.

Why is this process so long? I'll let you answer to that one. I've submitted 
patches to a lot of other OSS projects and OL is the most painful.

Have a nice day.

Patrick Valsecchi
Senior Software Engineer
Camptocamp Suisse SA
+41 21 619 1030

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