[OpenLayers-Dev] SLD support against ArcGIS Server

bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Thu Jul 2 08:20:08 EDT 2009

Hi list,

I've justed opened up ticket 2166 [1] with a patch to have
OpenLayers.Format.SLD support ArcGIS Server. The problem here is that
ArcGIS server needs the namespaces to be defined on the root node
currently, and it also cannot work with sld as the default namespace only
(it needs xmlns:sld). After this patch OpenLayers still produces a valid
SLD XML, and I've verified it still works okay against both Mapserver and

Would people be generally supportive of including this patch for the sake
of supporting ESRI? I am interested to hear opinions.

Also, something which is a bit strange in their implementation IMHO is
that one needs to add a <Name> tag to the UserStyle, and one needs to use
this same name in the STYLES parameter of the GetMap request. AFAIK the
spec says that SLD overrides the LAYERS and STYLES parameter of the
request. But this has nothing to do with Format.SLD, but is an advice to
people trying to get SLD to work against ArcGIS Server.

Also as a side note, they do not support SLD_BODY (inline SLD XML) but
just SLD (using a url).

Best regards,

[1] http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/2166

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