[OpenLayers-Dev] SLD support against ArcGIS Server

bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Thu Jul 2 08:41:47 EDT 2009

Hi Andrea,

thanks for the info, okay, so they do not support option 1, but support
option 2 (library mode).

But the SLD which works does not contain a UserLayer but a NamedLayer with
a UserStyle.

Does Geoserver support library mode?

Best regards,

> bartvde at osgis.nl ha scritto:
>> Hi list,
>> I've justed opened up ticket 2166 [1] with a patch to have
>> OpenLayers.Format.SLD support ArcGIS Server. The problem here is that
>> ArcGIS server needs the namespaces to be defined on the root node
>> currently, and it also cannot work with sld as the default namespace
>> only
>> (it needs xmlns:sld). After this patch OpenLayers still produces a valid
>> SLD XML, and I've verified it still works okay against both Mapserver
>> and
>> Geoserver.
>> Would people be generally supportive of including this patch for the
>> sake
>> of supporting ESRI? I am interested to hear opinions.
>> Also, something which is a bit strange in their implementation IMHO is
>> that one needs to add a <Name> tag to the UserStyle, and one needs to
>> use
>> this same name in the STYLES parameter of the GetMap request. AFAIK the
>> spec says that SLD overrides the LAYERS and STYLES parameter of the
>> request. But this has nothing to do with Format.SLD, but is an advice to
>> people trying to get SLD to work against ArcGIS Server.
> Hmmm... my understanding is that &sld can work in two ways (in the SLD
> 1.0 specification):
> - as a layer/styles replacement. In this case you don't specify those
>    two and your sld is filledn with named/user layers and user styles.
> - library mode, which is not very clearly defined, but allows you
>    treat the sld as a style library. The map will only draw the layers
>    specified in LAYERS, using the default style in the sld for that
>    layer if present, the default style of the server otherwise,
>    and if you specify STYLES, it will look up the style name inside
>    the correspondent UserLayer definition. As a library, UserLayer
>    will contain one or more UserStyle definitions, and one of them
>    can be marked as a default
> Cheers
> Andrea
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