[OpenLayers-Dev] TestSwarm asking for open source js projects

Gregers Gram Rygg gregersrygg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 11:04:11 EDT 2009

I just signed up for an account at testswarm.com, and noticed that
they are asking for open source js projects that are interested in
joining the test swarm.

For those that haven't heard of it, it's John Resig's (jQuery authour)
big project at the moment. It can run the unit tests on multiple
clients connected to the swarm automatically on each commit. This
means that it's a lot easier to see when something breaks in a
browser, and what commit that caused it.

It is a lot of interest in the project, and probably only a few
projects that will be included right now... John haven't tweeted about
it yet (http://twitter.com/jeresig), so there still might be time ;)

Sign up for an account to fill in the project details: http://testswarm.com/

More in-depth info:

Part 2 of his talk during JsConf was about TestSwarm:


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