[OpenLayers-Dev] date of 2.8 final release ?

PICINBONO Blaise blaise.picinbono at alyotech.fr
Fri Jun 5 08:54:27 EDT 2009

Dear devs,

I've been watching the roadmap of 2.8 oscillating between 99% and 100% for the past weeks.
I know this question can't be answered no more than "when everything will have been tested and debugged", but do you have a more or less precise idea about when 2.8 final release will break out ? Is it a matter of days, weeks, months ?

I am dealing with a soon coming deadline and would like to include 2.8 final release for its snapping capabilities. It's working allright with rc3, but I would prefer a final release for my project.
Thanks for your great work.

Ingénieur SIG

2, rue Antoine Becquerel
35700  RENNES

Tél. 02 23 21 11 11

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