[OpenLayers-Dev] Alternating base layers

Ringdahl Niklas Niklas.Ringdahl at sweco.se
Tue Jun 9 10:29:21 EDT 2009

Hello list.

I have two different raster layers with different coordinate systems;
one is a Google Satellite layer and the other is a tiled layer in
epsg:2400. Depending on scale, I would like to select either as the base
layer and keep the WMS and WFS overlays independent of which base layer
is used. 

The way I envision this is to add them both to the map and use the
map.setBaseLayer method to alternate. Is this approach complete, or are
there other considerations to make, keeping the different reference
systems in mind? What kind of trouble will I get myself into with this?

I would be happy for any pointer in the right direction on this. Thanks!

- Niklas Ringdahl

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