[OpenLayers-Dev] Request for help from Opera users

Roald de Wit roald.dewit at lisasoft.com
Tue Jun 9 18:35:20 EDT 2009

Hi Tim and list,

Why do we put so much effort into supporting an 'old' version of Opera? 
This problem does not exist in the latest stable version (9.64) any more 
as you say. So, this seems to be a bug in Opera that has been fixed.
I'm sure that Opera users will upgrade (pretty much) immediately when a 
new version gets released.

Regards, Roald

Tim Schaub wrote:
> Can anyone with a copy of Opera ~9.27 take a look at 
> http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/2103 please?
> I'd like to confirm a few things:
> * OpenLayers 2.7 single file build works
> * OpenLayers 2.8rc5 single file build does not work
> * With the patch for 2103 applied, Opera doesn't complain (again, with 
> the single file build)
> This is not a problem in the version of Opera I've got (9.64).
> Tim

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