[OpenLayers-Dev] Radius circle doesn't change for Canvas Vector Layer [Canvas.js Class]

geotribu arnaud.sig at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 08:04:54 EDT 2009


I've noticed that if I use a style with a pointRadius for a vector layer
(with renderers canvas) the size of the circle doesn't change.
Indeed the method drawPoint of the Canvas class use the radius properties
only if the properties drawExternalGraphic is defined.

So I made some little change to the core class Canvas.js and now the radius
propertie works fine.

line 256 Actual code :
this.canvas.arc(pt[0], pt[1], 6, 0, Math.PI*2, true);

New code :
var radius = style.pointRadius?style.pointRadius:6;
this.canvas.arc(pt[0], pt[1], radius, 0, Math.PI*2, true);

Same things for the condition : style.stroke !== false.

And for example (user script) :

var style = new OpenLayers.Style(
		fillColor: "#ffff00",
        fillOpacity: 0.5,
        pointRadius: "${radius}",
	    strokeColor: "#ff0000",
        strokeWidth: 2,
        strokeOpacity: 0.3
		context: {			
		    radius: function(feature) {   
      		    return (feature.attributes.Population/2000);	

var styleMap = new OpenLayers.StyleMap({'default':style, 'select':
{fillOpacity: 0.7, fillColor: "#ff0000"}});

vectors = new OpenLayers.Layer.GML( "Reunion city", "./city974.gml",
			styleMap: styleMap,
			renderers: ['Canvas']

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