[OpenLayers-Dev] Requesting zip data using OpenLayers.Request.GET. bug ?

Kwong Hu Kiu kwonghu at hotmail.com
Thu May 7 08:28:31 EDT 2009


I am using OpenLayers.Request.GET to request a zip archive that I have generated on the server side.

OpenLayers.Request.GET is working well. I can receive the request parameters on the server-side.

These parameters are used by my wms service to return a zip archive with bitmap data zipped inside.

But for some reasons when I send the zip file from the server to browser,
It's not opening a download dialog like I expected that let users to download the zip file.

Instead, nothing is happening on the browser side(no javascript error) but i know the bitmap data and zip archive is being created and passed onto the browser through debugging.


If I request from the browser by typing the url, it works.
eg. http://localhost/wms.aspx?REQUEST=downloadZiparchive.

I am wondering if this is a bug or I am not using it correctly ?

Need to solve this asap.


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