[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers 2.8 RC2

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Fri May 15 22:50:47 EDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 12:47 -0400, Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> > >     If you need something, you are always welcome to create
> patches and
> > >     attach them to tickets.
> > 
> > I want to spend my limited time on this earth in creating something
> useful
> > of my own, rather than fixing other people's code. 
> If that is truly the case, then you should not expect anyone else to
> feel any differently in the reverse situation. I can understand that
> you have no desire to fix OpenLayers code.

There are plenty of people on this mailing list who would gladly accept
payment for fixing OpenLayers to your liking, I'm sure!


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