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Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Tue May 19 18:43:56 EDT 2009


Tim Schaub wrote:
> Hey-
> Bruno Binet wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I was looking for an openlayers filter to create "IN" and "NOT IN"
>> comparison rule, but it doesn't exist.
> What does "IN" mean in this context?

So, I'm assuming you mean item "IN" list.  If so, I think adding support 
for an OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.IN type makes sense.  And I see how 
NOT_IN is a nice convenience.


> See the logical not for "NOT ...".
> Tim
>> Openlayers is following OGC Filter Encoding specification which
>> doesn't have such operators. Would it be a problem for openlayers to
>> go beyond ogc filters, and extend OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison class
>> to gain following operators :
>> OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.IN and OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.NOT_IN ?
>> Thanks,

Tim Schaub
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