[OpenLayers-Dev] RC5 prop

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Sun May 31 02:14:47 EDT 2009


Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> So, Pierre and Andreas worked out:
>   http://trac.openlayers.org/ticket/1797#comment:22
> To likely be a Google API change.  As I understand it, this:
>     * CHanged something that worked when we fixed it, to something that
>       didn't
>     * Was a change due to a GMaps API change
>     * Was something that we put a lot of effort into fixing
>     * Affects MapFish/GeoExt (and probably other JS Frameworks with
>     * flexible map sizes) 
> As a result, I think it's worth including in 2.8: It was worth it the
> first time, it's still worth it this time (even though we aren't
> responsible for the regression, we've still got to deal with it.)
> IF this ticket doesn't affect people (I think it does -- i just emailed
> the geoext list about it, and pierre bumped into it, after all) then we
> can bump it, but otherwise, it's worth another RC.
> So, if anyone else agrees with me -- and I'd especially like to hear
> from GeoExt or MapFish people who can confirm that this is actually an
> issue, and is now fixed -- then I say I roll an RC5 this afternoon.

Looks like the response I intended to send on Friday was swallowed 
somewhere along the way.  Anyway, thanks for kicking out another RC when 
you get the chance.


> Best REgards,

Tim Schaub
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