[OpenLayers-Dev] [Fwd: [OpenLayers-Trac] [OpenLayers] #2344: label offset not working as documented]

Roald de Wit roald.dewit at lisasoft.com
Mon Nov 9 16:56:01 EST 2009

Hi Chris and list,

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> I don't think we should overcomplicate the links on the homepage more
> than we already have; perhaps it would just be best to get rid of the 
> examples link entirely? You can use the examples better after you've checked
> out from SVN or a release anyway.
I agree with Mark Williams that it would be good to have links to both 
the trunk and the latest stable version. What if we clean up the links 
on the home page to: 1) documentation, 2) api docs and 3) code in such a 
way that it is clear for a user that he gets the version he wants?

I don't have a good idea on *how* to do this atm. Maybe someone else can 
contribute ideas here?

Regards, Roald

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