[OpenLayers-Dev] Raster map shift - still no clues

Stefanie Weykam stefanie at weykam.net
Thu Apr 8 02:17:51 EDT 2010

Hi list members,
I posted a message on 26 of March reporting a strange displacement that 
only effects raster maps. I am pretty sure the WMS are alright, since 
another client displays the maps correctly. Due to the pixel size, the 
difference is big enough to become quite obvious.
The fact that GetFeaturteInfo always returns the right (expected) values 
even if the pixel is not the one that should be visible at the 
particular point, made me suggest that this could be a display artefact. 
- ??
For more details and test code see my message on 26.3.2010

I received no hints so far. Should I file a bug?


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