[OpenLayers-Dev] GitHub straw poll

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Fri Apr 16 19:22:57 EDT 2010


In advance of our infrastructure meeting (time TBD), I thought I'd take 
a poll for the heck of it.

Would people be in favor of or opposed to moving the OpenLayers 
repository to GitHub?

If the developers are interested in a change like this (even if it is 
not until 3.0) we could create a PSC managed account called openlayers 
and put whatever projects (e.g. website, openlayers) under that. 
Anybody could fork.  "Core" committers would become collaborators on the 
openlayers account.

If we go with GitHub, we may or may not want to use their issue tracker. 
  This is a separate topic for discussion (the github-trac plugin can 
allow some integration of Trac and GitHub).

If we go with GitHub, we could also discuss using their wiki and GitHub 
pages for a static website (still hosted from http://openlayers.org). 
These are also separate topics for discussion.

I'm interested mainly to hear if people are generally in favor or 
opposed to the idea of a repository move - and a move specifically to 
GitHub for hosting.


Tim Schaub
OpenGeo - http://opengeo.org
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