[OpenLayers-Dev] PSC Evolution

Erik Uzureau euzuro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 09:38:48 EDT 2010

Dear Dev,

It has always been our goal to try to maintain a diverse Project Steering
Committee (PSC), composed of people representing different interests,
nationalities, skill sets, companies, etc. As a member of the committee, I
think that what I have brought to the table is some sort of blend of an
outsider's perspective and a taskmaster's whip. It has worked out pretty
well and we've all been very successful and had a really good time working
together to make OpenLayers the project that it is today.

For the last year or so, though, I've been working at a new job with a
startup company building software for the hotel industry. As I feared would
be the case when I took the job, I have barely had enough free time to comb
my hair, let alone participate hobby-style in the OpenLayers community.

I'm still on the lists and read them periodically, but the reality is that I
just don't have the bandwidth to keep up to date with the project
developments to the degree that is really necessary to be a helpful member
of the community, let alone a functional member of the PSC.

When I saw the posts going by for the 2.9 release, it dawned on me how very
disconnected I had gotten from the project, and it occurred to me that it
might be a good time to step down from the PSC.
Though my outsider's perspective remains stronger than ever, my utility as a
taskmaster is undeniably marginalized when a full-blown release essentially
happens right under my nose without me noticing it.

The other thing we've tried to do with the PSC is keep it small and
manageable. In the interest of the health and vitality of the project, it
seems like now would be a good time to abdicate my seat on the PSC so that
someone who has more time and energy might step up and contribute more than
I can right now. My hunch is that a quick scan of list posts and checkins
could produce a pretty good short list of candidates, but for now, I think
that's something better dealt with in a separate thread. :-)

Anyways, "it isn't goodbye it's see you later", so no drama necessary.
Thanks to everyone for putting up with me and helping me out all these
years. OpenLayers is a fantastic piece of software and I'm honored to be a
line or two in its short but sweet (and growing) history.

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