[OpenLayers-Dev] ERRATUM - Race condition in WMSGetFeatureInfo

Gael Lafond G.Lafond at aims.gov.au
Thu Dec 9 20:41:59 EST 2010


I apology for the previous E-Mail (about the race condition issue), it
was a wrong conclusion lead by strange conditions.

I think there is still a Bug with handleResponse, but it related to
something else: the event listener only receive the responseText on the
last received response instead of an array or a concatenation of all of

--- Details ---

After half a day on this bug, a figure what was going out.

1st, all my tests demonstrated that JavaScript is single threaded (as
expected) and there is no race condition problem.

2nd, for some reason, my version of Firefox (v 3.6.12) is able to popup
multiple alerts when using Ajax requests. (see code sample bellow)

3rd, the problem with handleResponse, is that it concat the features,
but not the responseText. Since the event is only called once (after the
last received response), my event listener only receive one
responseText, the one of the last response.

I (temporary) fixed it by removing the IF in my extended class.
NOTE: Of corse, that will cause a lot of side effects. This is just to
illustrate the problem I had.

handleResponse: function(xy, request) {
  var doc = request.responseXML;
  if(!doc || !doc.documentElement) {
    doc = request.responseText;
  var features = this.format.read(doc);
  if (this.drillDown === false) {
    this.triggerGetFeatureInfo(request, xy, features);
  } else {
    this._features = (this._features || []).concat(features);
//  if (this._requestCount === this._numRequests) {
      this.triggerGetFeatureInfo(request, xy, this._features.concat()); 
      delete this._features;
      delete this._requestCount;
      delete this._numRequests;
//  }

--- Multiple popups in Firefox ---
NOTE: This code even works when the file (data.xml) do not exists (or
when run locally with a file:// URL).

function sendAjaxReq() {
  var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); 
  xhr.onreadystatechange  = function() { 
    if(xhr.readyState == 4) {
      // Alert shown twice, at the SAME time!
      alert("Code " + xhr.status);
  xhr.open("GET", "data.xml",  true); 

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