[OpenLayers-Dev] Re: [Openlayers-Users] Map data popups on Google overlays

Martin Saturka martin.saturka at sourcefabric.org
Fri Dec 17 14:12:05 EST 2010

one possibility to deal with the "map data popups" at google v 3.3 is to
change the repositionMapElements method on OpenLayers.Layer.Google class -
to comment out two lines there:
//termsOfUse.style.display = "";
//cache.termsOfUse = termsOfUse;

This works well for me for both v3.2 and v3.3 of Google API.

The v3.2 puts map data providers and terms of use link as a text, but it can
be wider than the actual map div. Then you will not see the whole string.
The v3.3 detects it, and when the data providers string is too large, it
just puts a link to the popup with the data providers. It is better then,
since you can see the strings appropriately.

It looks that OL is confused by the change and supposes that the popup is
something to be shown (without clicking for it).


Martin Saturka
Software Engineer, Sourcefabric
martin.saturka at sourcefabric.org

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