[OpenLayers-Dev] Vetor Feature Hover Informaion

Richard Ive richard at xanox.net
Fri Dec 31 07:37:07 EST 2010

Hi All.

I have a problem I'm trying to solve, but unfortunately I am not having much
luck so I was wondering whether anyone has seen this before.

I have created a map that plots hotels on a layer as vector features. I have
used the style property of the vector feature to change the look of the icon
depending on availability etc. The problem I am having is that I want to
hover over the hotels, and on hover I want to display some rate information
about that particular hotel, alternatively I want to provide the same
information on click. I was trying to use the createPopup() method on the
vector, but, as the document states that returns NULL which isn't much use.
To my understanding a vector feature is the best method of creating icons on
the map and binding events to them (please correct me if I am wrong), but I
can't seem to work out a solution for creating information popups.

Does anyone have any ideas, or have had this problem themselves? I am
completely open to suggestion as I'm not convinced I'm using OpenLayers
correctly in this context. Also, sorry if I haven't explained myself very

Thanks for you help.

Kind Regards,
Richard Ive
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