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Bruno Binet bruno.binet at camptocamp.com
Thu Feb 11 03:20:57 EST 2010

On 22 January 2010 18:25, Tim Schaub <tschaub at opengeo.org> wrote:
> Bruno Binet wrote:
>> Hi list and OpenGeo guys,
>> I recently worked on a mobile web gis application using OpenLayers,
>> and I came across the IOL library.
>> See: http://projects.opengeo.org/mobile
>> Thanks to Whit from OpenGeo for the good work!
>> I made some enhancements to IOL on my own, and I was wondering if IOL
>> was envisioned to be part of OpenLayers in the future, when more
>> mature.
>> If that is your willing, then I think it could be great to create an
>> IOL sandbox in OpenLayers, so that we can contribute patches, and
>> improve it easily.
>> What do think?
> It would be great to have OpenLayers work transparently in multiple
> environments.  I think it might make sense to revisit the browser event
> handling stuff at a lower level rather than trying to push IOL (as it is
> currently designed) in over top.

I definitively agree with your vision.
When we'll have additionnal funding for mobile stuff, we should focus
in enhancing directly OpenLayers.

> Whit is no longer at OpenGeo, but we're certainly interested in working
> on OL improvements for mobile clients.

Ok. IOL enhancement I made is available in Camptocamp mobile sandbox, see:


> Tim
>> One more thing, the articles written about IOL are not longer
>> available. You can still find them in google cache:
>> Cheers,
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