[OpenLayers-Dev] Openlayers using ArcGIS Server 9.4 not working using OGC WMS on Google Basemap

Kevin Jones jonekev2 at isu.edu
Thu Feb 25 17:06:06 EST 2010

I was wondering if anybody has problems with OGS WMS not working while using
ArcGIS 9.4 Server?  When overlaid with Google Maps, I get a parameter 'srs'
contains unacceptable value.  I am trying not to use the rest service for a
project.  I can get it to work on the Open layers base map but when other
base map services are turned on it pushes this error.  I have including my
WMS Call below.



" Code "


var wms4 = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS("OpenLayers WMS basemap right now",


            { layers: '0',

                TRANSPARENT: true



                isBaseLayer: false,

                opacity: 1.0 






Any help would be appreciated.


-Kevin j

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