[OpenLayers-Dev] Pan with left, Zoom(Box) with right mouse button

Dirk Hamberger Dirk.Hamberger at ptv.de
Wed Jan 13 02:44:44 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

has anybody already tried to alter the way OpenLayers handles
panning and dragging a zoombox?

I don't want to have a "modifier key" to switch the Navigation-Control
to zoombox mode, instead I want to have the ZoomBox feature on
the right mousebutton.

What is even trickier - at the same time I still want to be able to
Intercept a "normal" right mouse click (say mousedown or mouseup
Event) in order to install a custom context menu when the right mouse
Is just clicked and not dragged a few pixels ...

Any solution or approaches to that kind of challenge?

Dirk Hamberger.
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