[OpenLayers-Dev] Hiya

Brian Kittrell kittrellbj at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 18:45:01 EST 2010


I just wanted to drop in a message and see if anyone could help me
out.  I am developing a browser-based MMO game, and I need mapping
functionality for it.  Basically, I was wondering if anyone could
point me to some tutorials regarding the following topics that break
things down to a non-javascript developer.

1.)  The ability to use the map library with an image instead of using
a map server.
2.)  The ability to add click-able hotspots to the map at specific
coordinates (with URL-encoded GET variables, etc.)
3.)  If there is an ability to draw shapes on the map of different
colors (to represent borders of places).  Not an extremely important
feature, but I'd like to have any suggestions or recommendations with
regards to this.  (Maybe several overlay layers for each different
territory aligned to the image somehow?)

I'm a PHP developer and have little experience in javascript.  I can
follow tutorials, but I can't really write javascript from scratch
like I can with PHP.  Any/all help is appreciated in advance.  Thanks.

- Brian

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