[OpenLayers-Dev] Layer switch depending on zoom level

Dom Lehr dominic.lehr at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 27 07:10:51 EST 2010

Hey guys,

I managed to handle the "zoom changed" event now. What I m trying to do is
to combine prerendered tiles with tiles gettin rendered "on the fly". So I
only want to rerender the tiles with a zoom greater than let s say 14. I did

> layerEntry0.events.on({
                      moveend: function(e) {
                        if (e.zoomChanged) {
                            var zoom = parseInt(map.zoom);
                            if(zoom >= 14){


The issue that I got with this solution is, that the event gets fired AFTER
the zoom changed (which makes sense, D'ooh) ... so whenever I switch the
layer, it first displays the current base layer with e.g. zoom 14, than
switches the layers and displays the tiles with zoom 14 again, using a
different base layer. Now is there a way to change the base layer BEFORE new
tiles are requested?

Thanks in advance!

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