[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers 2.9 release is upcoming

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at osgis.nl
Wed Mar 17 16:38:00 EDT 2010

Hi list,

just a short note to let everyone know that the OpenLayers developers are working on releasing OpenLayers 2.9 very soon. This will mean that we will basically only deal with regressions from previous OpenLayers releases, and all other tickets (features and bugs which are not regressions) will be bumped to the next milestone (2.10 release).

So I hope everyone will reserve a bit of time to test a release candidate of OpenLayers 2.9 in the near future (probably early next week), and report any regressions using the OpenLayers Trac system.

Thanks in advance for your help in testing this release.

Best regards,

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