[OpenLayers-Dev] SOS support

Xurxo Mendez xmendez at udc.es
Mon Mar 22 04:53:26 EDT 2010

I'm now working on a project where probably I'll consume SOS (Sensor
Observation Service) services and display them on an OL map.
I've downloaded OL from the svn and noticed that you are starting SOS, even
you have an example. But it seems like it's not full supported yet, as the
example code still contains part of ad-hoc instructions to parse the
capabilities doc, and the way to build a SOS layer is quite different to
other OGC layers as well. Do you plan to integrate SOS services as other OL
layers like WMS and WFS (I mean, have a Layer.SOS class or something like
that), or it's just an example showing how SOS should be read through OL in
future versions? In such a case, which OL version will support that feature?

Best regards,

Xurxo Méndez Pérez
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