[OpenLayers-Dev] update for OL 2.9

bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Tue Mar 23 02:48:56 EDT 2010

Hi devs,

currently we have 2 open tickets in the 2.9 milestone, my goal is to have
these ones closed today if possible:

A Layer.Vector test which broke for IE, I've updated the ticket with a new
patch updating the testcase as suggested by Tim, please review:


The rewrite of initResolutions by elemoine, and looked at by Tim, but no
commit as yet:

Question: do we want to defer the 2.9 release for this?

And then there is a ticket in the 2.10 milestone ready for commit, which
could go into 2.9 if it is committed today:


Best regards,

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