[OpenLayers-Dev] Map event confusion

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Thu Mar 25 17:32:36 EDT 2010

Marc Jansen wrote:
> Hi devs,
> I am rather confused about the documentation about map-events. Is it 
> right that
>     * addmarker,
>     * removemarker,
>     * clearmarkers,
>     * dragstart,
>     * dragend,
>     * drag
> are defined but never get triggered?
> If so, they should IMHO be removed from the EVENT_TYPES-array and the 
> documentation for that.

The problem with removing things from the EVENT_TYPES array is that 
there could be applications that have subscribers for them and use 
map.events to publish.

If we remove those entries, those applications break.

I know this is silly.  You are right to point out that there is little 
sense and lots of confusion in having them.

Our safest bet is to mark them as unused and remove them in 3.0.  If 
others think the caution is not needed, I wouldn't be opposed to 
removing them.


> Please ignore the mail if I missed something fundamental (but please 
> enlighten me where these events are triggered)
> Regards,
> Marc
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