[OpenLayers-Dev] integrate openlayers with deegree wms

ourahou amine infolcop at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 13:14:33 EDT 2010

Hi Marc

during my project with openlayers and deegree i would like to make a
selection of features ,i have shown the examples of openlayers and some
answers in different forum of geoserver or mapfish say that we can do it
with a connection between openlayers and WFS,now i'm using openlayers with
deegree wms and i can show the map with layers.

so my question is how can i do a selection of feature with connection
between (deegree wfs or wms) and openlayers ,i can draw a point and lines
and polygons and select them and unselect ,but i can't do the same with my
layers in the map (layers  passed to this OL object.

ol_wms = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS( "deegree wms","
   {layers:'world_adm0,arpt_ifr', });).

please if you can clarify some things or give me some examples because

really ,I'm stuck now.

many thanks for replying.

2010/3/25 ourahou amine <infolcop at gmail.com>

> hello ,
> i would like to use openlayers in my project with deegree WMS and Deegree
> wfs but i didn't find any documentation specialy for deegree integration
> ,openlayers is integrate with geoserver and many others but please if some
> one can help me to to incorporate maps from deegree WMS.
> many thanks for replying.
> infolcop.
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