[OpenLayers-Dev] link to FOSS4G 2010

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Mon May 3 19:03:55 EDT 2010


The FOSS4G 2010 promoters have asked us to put a link to the conference 
website on our website.  We don't have a solid policy on links on our 
website, but previous discussions have resulted in very few outbound 
links.  Currently we only link to OSGeo and MetaCarta on the homepage. 
We also say that "Platnum" sponsors can have a link on the homepage.

I think a FOSS4G 2010 link would fit under the OSGeo link (and perhaps 
in the future, it will be called the OSGeo Conference - making things 
even tidier).

Anybody else have any opinions?  I'll add the link of others approve and 
nobody disapproves.


Tim Schaub
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