[OpenLayers-Dev] SVG2 and 2.11

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Thu Apr 7 14:27:23 EDT 2011


Before we get 2.11 out, I'd like to ask about the SVG2 renderer.  If 
there was previous discussion on the mailing list that covers this, 
please send a link.  At a minimum, I think the release notes should 
include some answers to the questions below.


I've read through the ticket above, and I see a mention of "workarounds 
that we needed for older browsers" - but nothing really specific.

Where does the SVG2 renderer not work (and where does is work)?

What benefits does the SVG2 renderer bring (I'm not doubting them here, 
just giving an opportunity to trumpet them)?

Having answers to these two questions would allow us to decide whether 
this needs to be named SVG2 or if it could take the SVG name.  Again, I 
might have (or likely did) miss discussion on the list about this.  I 
see that a decision was made on the ticket, and I'm not necessarily 
suggesting we revisit that decision.  I think the information would be 
useful for the release notes if nothing else.



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