[OpenLayers-Dev] VOTE: new OpenLayers CLA list (or last chance for objections anyway)

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Thu Apr 14 14:35:13 EDT 2011

I sent a message to the PSC list with details on a new list that has 
been set up for emailed CLA (mailed to a private list because it 
contained the admin credentials).

This list has an archive that we can refer to.  I'd like to abandon the 
current openlayers-cla [at] openlayers.org address in favor of the new 
openlayers-cla [at] lists.osgeo.org list (or make the former go to the 

Below, please find the proposed workflow for the new list.  I don't 
think this kind of thing should require a PSC vote.  But I've heard 
nothing back from any PSC members, so I'd at least like to give folks 
another chance to object.

I'm +1 on having an archived list for CLA.

What this obliges you to (active PSC members) is being a moderator for 
messages sent to this list.

-------- Original Message --------

Proposed Workflow

1. I add all active PSC members as moderators.

2. All active PSC members subscribe to the list.


3. Moderators only accept subscriptions from PSC members (to protect
privacy of those sending in CLA).  We keep the archive for subscribers
(PSC) only.

4. Contributors send CLA email to openlayers-cla at lists.osgeo.org.

5. A Moderator accepts emailed CLA and additionally add the contributors
address to the "Accepts" sender filter (these are both options on the
moderation page).  Accepting the senders address is optional - allowing
the same person to send multiple CLA without moderation.

I think I recall Chris saying this would lead to too much spam.  If this
is the case, I'd propose doing the same with a Google Group (I manage a
number of Google Groups that are set up in a similar way and don't have
a spam problem).

Are there any other issues with this setup?

If not, I'll update the appropriate documents to use the new list
address and add active PSC members to the list as moderators (or you can
add yourself).


PS - I'd also like to get rid of the option to mail a paper copy to
Williams Lake, British Columbia.  We have no good way to know who has
sent what there.  But that's a separate issue.

Tim Schaub
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