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Slawomir Messner slawomir.messner at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Apr 15 08:35:35 EDT 2011

It's a idea, but I don't think you can unregister it. Because of the 
empty string as scope/context object.
You can try:
this.myScope ='';
lyr[0].events.register("featureadded",this.myScope, onFeatureAdded);

lyr[0].events.unregister("featureadded",this.myScope, onFeatureAdded);

You have to use the same object on register as on unregister. "this" has 
to be also the same "this".
When you try
lyr[0].events.unregister("featureadded",'', onFeatureAdded);
Then a new string object is created.

Am 15.04.2011 14:19, schrieb Mohammed Rashad:
> how to unregister an event registered as
> lyr[0].events.register("featureadded",'', onFeatureAdded);
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> Thanks && Regards
> Rashad
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