[OpenLayers-Dev] editing tool on multiple layers

Mohammed Rashad mohammedrashadkm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 09:44:59 EDT 2011

I have two layers
both are editable vector layers

for layer1 is point layer and layer2 is poygon layers
I had registered some events. both are sharing same events but the behaviour
of events is different
for example

function FeatureAdded(){
function FeatureAdded(){

how to define the function as local to a specific layer so that I can use
the same function defined twice whose defenition is different.?

Can I remove the function from the code dynamically?

How to register a function local to the layer.
I will dynamically change the layer using checkboxes which are not part of
when I check the checkbox

I can do the following
    Toggle layer visibility
    destroy controlpanel and create tie it to the new layer (say layer 2)

I redefined the functions for featureadded event (FeatureAdded) but the old
function is in use not the redefined one
How can I use the newly defined FeatureAdded function for a featureadded
event after changing the layer

I think some questions are not related to OpenLayers. if so forgive me

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks && Regards
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