[OpenLayers-Dev] exceptions in images

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Mon Apr 18 11:25:43 EDT 2011


By default, our WMS layer requests that exception reports be returned as 
images.  In cases where a caching service is set up between the 
OpenLayers client and the rendering WMS, this means that user errors are 
cached (the cache has no way to distinguish map images from exception 

This is a very minor change in the library.  In applications where a 
layer is improperly configured, the results is pink tiles instead of 
exception reports burned into the image.  This shouldn't affect working 
applications.  It should, however, make it so caches aren't being 
littered with exception reports in images.

I would be interested in seeing this fix in 2.11.  Anybody else have 



Tim Schaub
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