[OpenLayers-Dev] Jsonix: schema-driven XML-JS conversion

Aleksei Valikov valikov at gmx.net
Wed Apr 27 13:57:14 EDT 2011


I hope you don't mind a short announce of a new open-source project,
which, I think, may be helpful for OpenLayers.

Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows
you to convert between XML and JSON structures. (Jsonix is essentially
a JavaScript analog of JAXB.)

With Jsonix you can parse XML into JSON (this process is called
unmarshalling) or serialize JSON in XML form (this is called

These conversions are based on simple XML/JSON mappings which can be
generated from an XML Schema or written manually.

Project website:

* http://confluence.highsource.org/display/JSNX/Jsonix

I think Jsonix may be quite handy for OpenLayers. OpenLayers support a
number of XML-based formats, there's probably more to come. Jsonix can
simplify XML processing in JavaScript, you can generate
marshaller/unmarshaller from an XML Schema instead of writing
parser/serializer manually. This might save a lot of effort for OGC
schemas, for instance.

In any case, I'll be glad if you find it useful. And please excuse my
shameless plug.

Best wishes,

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