[OpenLayers-Dev] ArcGISCache: Bypassing functions in .lods

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at osgis.nl
Wed Aug 24 02:23:08 EDT 2011

Thanks David, a slightly modified version of your patch is now in trunk.

Best regards,

Bart van den Eijnden
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On Aug 23, 2011, at 10:07 PM, David Zwarg wrote:

> Hello,
> I ran into something interesting today when I discovered that functions (from the prototypes) of Arrays get parsed into the tileInfo.lods array.  This can happen when an external js framework adds ".remove" or ".indexOf" to the Array prototype, and said framework is used to parse the json response from the ArcGIS server.
> I created ticket #3474 to address this issue, patch attached to the ticket. Please review at your earliest convenience.
> Thanks,
> Zwarg
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