[OpenLayers-Dev] working with Ordnance Survey via Bing UK

Andy Harrison andyh at alh.me.uk
Thu Feb 24 08:11:19 EST 2011

Hi all,

I have been working with the Bing raster layers using the Virtual Earth 
layer, but I also noticed that Bing makes the Ordinance Survey available 
to users in the UK. I decided to write a new layer to consume this, it 
displays the same as the Bing UK web site with the same license 
statement as an overlay. So my question is, will this be a legitimate 
use of the service? Is there any reason in terms of licensing that I 
cannot the Ordinance Survey maps via Bing, through OpenLayers?

There's a little background on the issue here, the developer is working 
with the silverlight control but is consuming the same services.



Andy Harrison

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