[OpenLayers-Dev] Potential move to GitHub

Volker Mische volker.mische at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 08:33:49 EST 2011


On 27.02.2011 08:20, christopher.schmidt at nokia.com wrote:
> The primary problem with Gitorious is that maintaining a list of actively
> developed forks in a way that others can see it requires active core
> developer maintenence (or even non-core developer maintenance). Anything
> that we can get rid of in that vein, I think will be better for the
> project overall.

For me Gitorious gives you a better overview of the forks of a project. 
It is more Project oriented, rather than poeple oriented as Github. At 
Gitorious you have a feed of what's going on in the forks.

Though I have to admit that Gitorious has annoying limitation, like no 
way to have (commit) hooks.


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