[OpenLayers-Dev] Features move around when map panned

Andrei Tchijov andrei at leapingbytes.net
Fri May 13 00:21:40 EDT 2011

	I am sure this has something to do with incorrect settings for Projection, but I can not figure out what is it.

	This is the problem: I have 2 layers on my map "main" which could vary and "Markers" which is always  OpenLayers.Layer.Vector. On the "markers" layer  I am creating single feature which is basically consist of externalGraphic and backgroundGraphic.  Problem is that when "main" layer is OpenLayers.Layer.OSM, this feature "sticks" to the main layer (you can pan map in any directions and feature stays in the same point on the map). However, when the main layer is OpenLayers.Layer.VirtualEarth ( or OpenLayers.Layer.Yahoo), feature stays put if you pan left and right (east/west), but fudge noticeably if you pan up and down (north/south). You can see screen cast which demonstrates the problem at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtwY2ssSqzI. 

	Any help/comments/suggestions will be highly appreciated,

Leaping Bytes, LLC

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