[OpenLayers-Dev] MOTION: start OpenLayers 2.11 release process

Marc Jansen jansen at terrestris.de
Thu May 19 07:27:54 EDT 2011

Hi all,

not sure if my vote counts -- but if: I am +1 as well.

A big thanks to everyone involved.


On 19.05.2011 11:06, Andreas Hocevar wrote:
> As discussed in the IRC meeting on Tuesday, and with no more open
> tickets for the 2.11 milestone, I propose to start the 2.11 release
> process today.
> Chris Schmidt is volunteering to run the release process, and will be
> automating the release process so future releases will be easier.
> Thanks for that, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this
> awesome release.
> I'm +1.
> Andreas.

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