[OpenLayers-Dev] MOTION: move to GitHub

christopher.schmidt at nokia.com christopher.schmidt at nokia.com
Fri Sep 16 17:04:40 EDT 2011

On Sep 16, 2011, at 2:48 PM, ext Tim Schaub wrote:

> I'd like to propose we move the trunk to GitHub.  If other agree, we
> could maintain a read-only svn mirror at the current URL.  And, the
> sandboxes could stay as they are.  The only consequence of this move
> would be that trunk committers use git instead of svn.
> I'm +1 on this change.
> Andreas is traveling, but he told me he was +1 on it as well.

I'm +0. Do we have an idea of how we want to make the move? Do you anticipate
wanting to move tags, branches, etc. over as well? (My understanding when
I looked was taht this makes things... hard.) 

I don't have any idea how to manage branching for releases and the like
in github; do others have an idea of how these kinds of things are supposed
to work? 

I'm worried about release engineering approaches; other than that, I have
no major concerns, and I'm sure that others can help me understand how 
these things are supposed to work and how they will be reflected in the 
SVN repository from the Git repository.

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