[OpenLayers-Dev] how to maintain a selectively-patched branch of 2.12 tag?

Vardeman, Andrew [CSSM] andrewv at iastate.edu
Tue Jul 10 12:04:32 PDT 2012

Hi all.  I know this is more of a git question than an OL question, but I figured it's probably something the OL devs deal with.

What's the most sensible way to maintain a "patched" OL 2.12 branch?  I made a branch from the 2.12 tag, and I want to selectively apply bug fixes and improvements to it from:

1) my own un-merged branches from "master" and
2) the OL master itself.

This seems like it must be fairly common.  What are other people doing?  Do I just have to cherry-pick commits, or is there a better way?



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