[OpenLayers-Dev] build for hosted examples

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Thu Mar 1 19:22:17 EST 2012

Last year, we changed the script that builds OpenLayers.js for the
examples to use the "tests" configuration.


I can't say I remember exactly why this made sense, but as it says in
the commit message, this brings in lang and console utilities.  It
also brings in all of deprecated.js.  So, while they are never used,
all our examples have the full error message translations (Ripoarisch,
Tiếng Việt, and all) and all deprecated functionality.  I know this is
useful for running the hosted tests with mode=build, but I'm thinking
it would make more sense to use the "full" profile for hosted

Anybody have opinions one way or another?  I'm inclined to switch to
full and clean up (remove) any examples that rely on deprecated stuff.


Tim Schaub
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