[OpenLayers-Dev] Exception in OpenLayers.Layer.Grid.removeBackBuffer

Tim-Hinnerk Heuer th.heuer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 21:03:26 EDT 2012

Cool, I was sure it would be interesting for some.

What it does is simply replace the <img/> elements in the Grid of
OpenLayers with <video/> elements. So, it works only with HTML5 support. We
have a use case here with density data and I have implemented it as an
extension to OpenLayers as mentioned. Unfortunately, it's still in
alpha/beta, so it's not public yet. And also (surprisingly) it does not
work correctly in Google Chrome but in Firefox.

You can pull from the mentioned repo to test it out.

Basically on the WMS side I simply cached the n layers (one for each frame)
and then wrote a shell script to append those images to a video with
ffmpeg. On the mapcache side I used a trick to fool it the correct mime
type. So, it only works with a full cache. We used MapServer and MapCache
for this.

We are thinking of presenting this with our use case at one of the upcoming
conferences. Interested? Please reply here.


Twitter: @timhheuer
Blog: http://www.thheuer.com

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 12:04 PM, Phil Scadden <p.scadden at gns.cri.nz> wrote:

> I'm working for GNS but based down in Landcare in NZ. VideoWMS sounds
> very much like something I have down my to-do list. Could you explain a
> bit more about what it does?
> Thanks.
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