[OpenLayers-Dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: OpenLayers 2.12 RC1!

Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine at camptocamp.com
Wed Mar 28 08:31:51 EDT 2012

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 2:03 PM, Roald de Wit <list at rdewit.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Some comments on 2.12RC1:
> 1) Should an email be sent to the users list (like has been done with all
> recent RC1s (but not subsequent ones))?


> 2) Is there a way to have the tiles only fade in the first time they are
> loaded?

I can't see any easy way to do that.

> Now they always fade in, even when you pan a tile out of view and
> back in.
> 3) I have noticed some errors in my apps in IE6/7 in the shouldDraw method
> in Tile.js. It seems to be a timing issue where shouldDraw gets called after
> the tile has been destroyed. Has anybody seen similar behaviour? I can try
> to isolate the problem, but it may not be easy.

IE6 and 8 are the only affected browsers? Yes, I would be good to come
up with a stripped down example.

> 4) The label outline improvements for SVG/Canvas are not mentioned in the
> 2.12.md release notes yet.

We'd appreciate a pull request for 2.12 for that. UTFGrid would also
be a candidate.

Thanks for the feedback Road. Much appreciated.

Eric Lemoine

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